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Jan 10-12, 2024

2024 Keynote Speaker

Rick Hilton

On the Road to IPM—Moving Towards a More Ecologically Based and Environmentally Friendly Pest Management System

Rick received a BA in Biology from Pomona College and a MS from UC Davis in Plant Protection and Pest Management. Upon graduating from UCD in 1987 he began working at the Southern Oregon Experiment Station (now the Southern Oregon Research & Extension Center). It was there that he met Pete Westigard, a great mentor and friend. In 1994, he took over the Entomology and IPM Research Program at SOREC focusing on pests in orchards and vineyards, with an emphasis on pear. Rick was intimately involved in the original Codling Moth Areawide Management Project (1995-1999) which assisted tree fruit growers in the adoption of mating disruption as a key tactic for controlling codling moth.  

His research included the testing of new management techniques, especially selective or non-disruptive tactics which are compatible with natural biological control agents. He did some early work on the activity of kaolin clay on pear psylla and other pests. The European earwig was a favorite species to study. He tracked resistance development in the major pear pest species and evaluated OP replacement materials. He worked on novel attractants for codling moth that could catch female moths and be used in mating disrupted orchards. Invasive pests have been increasing in importance as Rick has seen the influx of spotted wing drosophila, brown marmorated stink bug, and, most recently, vine mealybug into the Rogue Valley. 

Rick has been attending the OPDMC for more than thirty years and has thoroughly enjoyed his many collaborations with researchers and growers throughout the western US and beyond. His career allowed him to examine the diversity of life, from plants to insects to people. After retiring this past year, he plans to continue searching for bigfoot in the wilds of the PNW.




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