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OPDMC successfully met at the Hilton Portland Downtown in person Jan 12 & 13, 2022! We had a much diminished attendance due to COVID-19. The weekly average positive cases were 4x greater than at any time in the previous 2 years!

Fifty – fifty five people attended to watch twenty two presentations.

Some highlights during a disheveled meeting:

  1. Safety. We had the Hilton to ourselves! There were maybe 3 other people staying at the hotel. Everyone was respectful and wore masks during the entire meeting.
  2. Restaurants were super happy to have us visit. No waiting in lines or challenges to get a reservation.
  3. Lots of meet and greet time! Wow we had a great time actually talk to one another and meeting new people.
  4. Speaking of new people an informal, raise the hands, survey indicated about 20 percent of the audience were first time attendees AND they plan to come back!
  5. DISCUSSION. Wow, wow, wow! It seemed like the old Imperial meetings just with more elbow room. So many people indicated they really enjoyed the extra open discussion after each talk. There were plenty of accolades to presenters on the great research.
  6. Art Agnello gave a wonderful keynote talk on the Flips and Flops of his career. We learned he is enjoying extra time during retirement to find additional time to play trumpet a lifelong passion of his. Did you know he almost pursued music as a career? Art plans to travel when COVID permits and we can expect to see him at one or two meetings like IOBC Semiochemical/treefruit in Spain.

Still we had a few lows during OPDMC.

  1. We missed nearly 80% of our normal members this year! COVID kept many away as cases in Portland increased. Too many of our new presenters are longer with little ones at home. It was just too risky during this explosive COVID increase to attend. We understand and are excited to see you next year.
  2. We said goodbye to one of our long attending, honored members, Larry Gut.  He will be greatly missed. A slideshow was presented to remember and honor our dear friend. You may find the slideshow here. OPDMC is where he, like many students, gave the first research presentations of his career. OPDMC was Larrys favorite meeting because it offered students a real opportunity to meet and have discussions with senior scientists. We love and miss him. spiking by greater than  We can’t promise the status of CEU’s as the schedule has changed so drastically.
  3. CEU’s died this year. Oh the hours put into applying for credits in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona all to fall apart in the last week. The agenda changed by more than 50% and it was just impossible to reorganize and get attendees CEU’s this year. The OPDMC board sincerely apologizes.

Refunds for registration are possible for those that chose not to attend, but OPDMC woudl greatly appreciate any donations to help offset additional costs levied by the hotel for not meeting our room quota. Contact REFUND to request your registration fee. After Jan 30 we will consider all remaining funds a donation. Thank you in advance.


Looking forward to seeing you,

Peter McGhee
Executive Director
the OPDMC Executive Board
Nik Wiman, Allison Walston, Chris Adams, Alix Whitener, Rodney Cooper, Andrew Rodstrom

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Thank you for your patience and understanding. You can always reach out to any one of us with any questions or comments.


Peter McGhee – Executive Director
Rodney Cooper – Past Chair
Allison Walston – Chair
Chris Adams- Chair Elect
Nik Wiman – Treasurer
Alix Whitener – Secretary


Please email executivedirector@opdmc.org.