2017 OPDMC Meeting – 4th Announcement


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Third, I greatly apologize for the length of this announcement, but there is a lot of important information to share!

This is the fourth OPDMC announcement for 2017 and the second attempt at using mailchimp with our executivedirector@OPDMC.org account. The previous attempt appears to have worked for the majority of people.

OPDMC has a long history of providing students an opportunity to present research, especially preliminary data. I encourage senior researchers to share this experience with your students and invite them to attend all three days. It’s important to provide opportunities for networking and professional development to budding scientists.   I remember my very first WOPDMC a “few” years ago and feeling humbled to be in the same room with the “icons” whose research I had followed in the journals.  Dr. Jay Brunner said “Don’t be nervous, you know more about your research than anyone else.”  Great words to calm me.  I remained fairly calm and confident all the way up until they called my name; I don’t remember much more until Dr. John Brown grilled me on my statical analyses….Oh well. Great memories! Still, we owe it to the next generation to welcome them into our community!  Please be sure to encourage your students to attend.  Three days off school will not negatively reflect in their grades.  In fact, forward this email to them so they can click this LINK to subscribe to our member list. I hope to see many students in the audience and in our program this year.

Please note Abstracts are due in 1 week!  I’m looking forward to a program full of great science!

Titles and Abstracts due by Thursday, December 1, 2016!

The Orchard Pest and Disease Management Conference NEW web site is active!

Many thanks to Chris Sater and WSU for getting us up and running!

I. Dates to remember for the upcoming 2017 OPDMC meeting

A. Meeting Times and Dates: 9:00 AM, Wednesday, January 11, 2017 to 12:00 Noon , Friday, January 13, 2017

B. Hilton Hotel Reservations Due: Thursday, December 15, 2016

There are rooms available with either a King or 2 Double Beds for the price of $129.00.

**Please note: You will be given a code at check-in to get free Wi-Fi in your room.**

C. Titles and Abstracts due by Thursday, December 1, 2016
Please get titles and abstracts in soon so that we may apply for pesticide recertification credits!
**The old WOPDMC site archiving 52 years OPDMC abstracts is still online
We will be transitioning away from this site in the next few months.  All materials will be transferred to a permanent home at the new site in 2017.

II. Registration (via PayPal)

PayPal Instructions: Once you have selected the option of either “Registration Only $50” or “Registration + Abstracts $60”, you will be taken to “Your Shopping Cart”. You can pay with your PayPal account or a credit card. If you want to pay with a credit card, choose the “Check Out” button. You will see your order summary. Choose your payment method to complete your transaction.

Onsite registration (cash or check only) is $60 for the meeting and $10 for the abstract book (quantities are limited).  Student registration at the meeting is free with ID.

III. Keynote Speaker for 2017 OPDMC Meeting – Title to Be Announced

Dr. James R. Millerjames-miller
Department Entomology
Michigan State University

Michigan State University Entomology professor James R. Miller was recently elected a 2015 Fellow of the Entomological Society of America for his pioneering research in insect physiology, chemical ecology and behavior that has significantly enhanced insect detection and management.  Among his research accomplishments, Miller and collaborators introduced the field of chemical ecology to the internal standard method for accurately quantifying tiny amounts of natural products; made the wind-tunnel accessible to all as the recommended method for quantifying insect orientational behaviors; produced a classic series of papers on onion fly-onion interactions establishing that resource acceptance is strongly influenced by visual and physical cues in addition to chemicals; originated the rolling-fulcrum model of animal decision making and the push-pull tactic of pest management. Over the past 15 yrs, Miller has focused considerable attention into elucidating the behavioral and physiological mechanisms underlying insect mating disruption using sex attractant pheromones with the aim of increasing efficacy while lowering the costs of this pest management tactic.  Recently, Miller and colleagues published a book toward better pest monitoring. These findings, likely to elevate insect pest management to a new level of precision and efficiency, have been assembled into a book, “Trapping of Small Organisms Moving Randomly – Principles and Applications to Pest Monitoring and Management” by Springer Publishers.

IV. Etcetera

***One very important item. We voted at last years meeting to shorten the meeting to Wed – Thursday.  We  contract with Hilton in 3 year terms to obtain the lowest conference room rates.  The current contract runs through 2018 and we are obligated to room rentals Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday evenings. Due to this oversight during last years vote we WILL continue with the old schedule for at least 2 more years until we negotiate a new Hotel contract or discuss if alterations are possible for the 2018 meeting at this years conference.  I apologize for the confusion.

Personalized Nametags: PayPal registration does not allow us to capture attendees names if these are different from the credit card holder.  i.e. someone else used their credit card to register for you. This often happens with college students.  Please email your PayPal receipt and a list of registrant names to wopdmc@wsu.edu if you would like pre-printed name tags.

UPDATE your information for our member list.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone for a great meeting in 2017.


Peter McGhee