Presentation Uploads

Presentation submission 
We would like to receive your talk by 12 PM PST, Friday January 6, 2016. We will again have all presentations loaded on both a PC and Mac laptop.  Should your presentation have a movie imbedded be sure to include the movie file along with the presentation file.

1. Click the UPLOAD LINK to be redirected to a “file request” from dropbox.

This is ideal for receiving a large file or collection of files, securely, from presenters even if they do not have a dropbox account.

Presentation files should be in Microsoft Office PowerPoint format (.ppt, .pptx, .pps, or ppsx).

  1. Name your file:
    “Session LastName.ppt”chemicalbeers.ppt
  2. Use the appropriate session for your file name (Biocontrol, Biology, Mating, Thresholds, Chemical, Invasives and Implementation, keynote).That’s it!

*Some members have reported they are can not submit their presentation through the “file request” link.  These are mostly USDA-ARS employees.  You rabble rousers know who you are! I’m very sorry for Uncle Sam blocking you from such useful tools, but with Russia potentially hacking our 91st meeting and Julian Assange wanting the latest secrets in entomology research you will have to send it to our Super, Ultra-Secure, Triple-Encrypted, “Bugless”, Entomology Server at:   You may bring it to the meeting at 7-8 AM Wednesday morning on a USB storage device if neither of these methods work, but please email me and indicate that is what you will need to do this year.

Several Authors are still not signed up on the OPDMC mailing list managed through mailchimp.  PLEASE click this OPDMC Membership Subscription link to add or update your current contact information with OPDMC so that we can stay in touch with you through our newly managed system.