Talk Titles deadline – Nov 1

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Deadlines loom for Talk titles (Nov 1) and abstracts (Nov 15)!

The Orchard Pest and Disease Management Conference web site is active. You can access it with this link:

I. Dates to remember for the upcoming 2020 OPDMC meeting

A. Meeting Times and Dates: 9:00 AM, Wednesday, January 8, 2020 to 12:00 Noon , Friday, January 10, 2020

B. Hilton Hotel Reservations: 
 Link to reservations 

There are rooms available with either a King or 2 Double Beds for $135.00/night.
Please note: You will be given a code at check-in to get free Wi-Fi in your room.

 We will again work with the Paramount hotel across the street for overflow rooms. More information in the next announcement.

C. Due Dates

Titles – Friday Nov 1, 2019
Submit Titles

indicate the title and authorship

Abstracts – Monday, November 15, 2019
Please get titles and abstracts in soon so that we may apply for pesticide recertification credits! 

II. Conference Registration (via PayPal)
You can register via our web site:

STUDENTS ARE FREE! No need to register, you may still purchase a hard copy of the proceedings. Please email to let us know that you are coming and receive a printed name tag.

III. Student Scholarships
Applications for Students travel scholarships sponsored by our industry members have changed! Applications are now due by Dec 20th. Students don’t wait until the semester finals are over, get started early! 

Scholarship Sponsor Donations –  click here for more information if you or your  company would like to sponsor a portion of this years student travel scholarships or go directly to Donations to submit a payment via PayPal.